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Google advertising


Running a business online is very challenging, especially if you want to increase sales and increase brand identity. There are thousands of companies competing with you in the same field, so how can you get noticed among them?

Trying to get on the first page is very competitive. Even with professional SEO this takes months, so is there any way to speed things up?

Of course! Have you ever heard of Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google's advertising service that allows businesses to display ads on Google search results pages that appear at the top or bottom of Google's search engine results pages. The purpose of Google Ads is to encourage viewers to explore the services or products you offer and to inform them about the uniqueness of your business.

The basic principle behind Google ads is bidding. After identifying the keywords, it is necessary to determine the amount of money that the advertiser is willing to spend and create a grouping to be paired with the ads. Google, in turn, enters the keyword from your account to determine the most suitable keyword with the maximum bid. If the keyword is qualified, it is included in the auction.

"Do Google Ads Really Work?"

Of course!


First, Google Ads allows businesses of all sizes to advertise to millions of people at a very competitive price. It also offers flexibility as offers can be started, stopped and adjusted at any time.

Recent reports say that the average conversion rate for Google Ads in search is 3.75%, while Google Banners has an average conversion rate of 0.77%. However, depending on your industry, the numbers can vary greatly.

Lucky for you, you're in the right place!


We specialize in social media marketing, content creation, SEO and Google Ads. Our main goal is to attract potential customers through advertising and bring your company to the top of Google search, because according to recent research, the top 3 paid advertising places receive 41% of page clicks.


Many of our clients have tried unsuccessfully to run their own Google AdWords campaigns before coming to us. They didn't understand why after setting high bids and spending big budgets, they weren't getting leads and still ranked lower than their competitors.


The reasons were different:

  • Incorrectly calculated offer;

  • Wrong keywords;

  • Increasing competition from advertisers.

To avoid these and other mistakes, Dictate Advertising is here to give you the help you're looking for.

A Google Ads campaign for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

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