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"Branding is the art of becoming known, liked and trusted" - John Jantsch.

And this is true because your brand defines your company and represents it to your customers. It's much more than just a logo design, name or color palette. A strong brand helps your customers recognize your company from others and associate your name with your services.

For example, Nike.

Some people may forget their logo, but when they hear "Just do it" NIKE is the first thing that comes to mind.

Or McDonald's. I love it.

And this is the purpose of creating a brand - to identify a product or service and distinguish it from others.

Companies with strong brands retain their loyal customers over time. They can get new customers more easily because people already know and trust them.

The main goal of any brand and digital agency is to help companies create a brand identity from scratch or find better ways to communicate it.


Dictate Advertising is a branding agency that provides a range of services to clients based on their specific needs. Some companies don't need to rebrand. They just need to update or create business card design, menu design, website design, poster design, online newsletter design, etc. With professional graphic designers, content creators, copywriters, we know how to turn a company into a brand.

The development of our brand strategy consists of such components as:

  • Naming

Have you ever heard the phrase "You name the boat, so shall it sail"? Think about this when naming your company, as this is how your customers will remember you. If the name is too long or too complicated, people may get confused or simply forget it after a while. Based on market research and analysis of your audience, we will help you create a name that will "stick" in people's minds.

  • Logo design

Logo design will help your customers associate your brand with your services or products. Our mission is to create a logo that reflects the company's values in terms of brand awareness and brand identity.

  • Brand messages

Brand messaging defines everything about your company. Everything your company "says" must make sense and be reflected in your brand message.

  1. What do I offer my clients?

  2. Why is my business different from others?

  3. What do my clients get from me that they can't get from others?

As professionals in this field, we know how to create the right message for your customers that will make them "buy".

  • Brand positioning

Brand positioning is important for both new and existing businesses.

“Where do I stand among my competitors?

This issue requires special attention and deep market research. It defines your strengths that will convince potential customers to choose your company over another.


  • Brand voice

Every brand has its own voice that it uses to communicate with its audience. We determine the right approach based on your industry, company culture and your customers.​

  • Company profile design

We will design and prepare a professional company profile design for your customers to learn more about your products or services, introduce your customers and current status.

So why should you choose Dictate Advertising as your branding agency?

When you choose us, you get top-notch support for all your branding needs. Using our approach, we will help you:

  1. To create your brand identity from scratch.

  2. Transform your existing business.

  3. Create a clear brand strategy.

  4. Design company logo, business cards, letterheads, website design.

  5. Formulate guidelines for brand design, style and tone.

Remember, your brand speaks 1000 words. How you present your company to your audience is how they perceive you.

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