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Social media advertising


Social media marketing consists of 3 phases that need to be addressed and managed properly:

  1. Marketing strategy. How can you get where you want to go if you don't know where you're going?

  2. Content creation. How you communicate your message through the text and visuals you post on your social media channels.

  3. Advertising. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin are all money making machines. If you don't "feed" them, your message will not be delivered to your potential customer.

Now it's easier than ever to broadcast your message to millions. Compared to what it was 10 or 20 years ago. But the downside is that it's harder than ever to get your message heard and seen as advertising takes over people's lives.

There are various social media marketing companies out there, but why do our clients want to work with us?

Our social media marketing approach works like this:

  1. We conduct marketing research and define the marketing strategy of your business. We study your brand, its weaknesses and strengths, target audience, analyze what marketing solutions have been applied in the past, perform "Social Listening", paying attention to what your target audience says about you and your competitors online;

  2. We develop a social media marketing strategy based on our findings. Which includes the channels we will use, how we will approach your audience, what colors and layout we will implement, how the posts will look, what hashtags to use, what photos and videos will show the strength of the business and attract customers.

  3. Once we have a strategy, we discuss the monthly plan . Our team produces videos and photos, prepares a content plan and starts broadcasting.

Our social media marketing packages include:

  • Marketing strategy;

  • Photo and video production;

  • Creative and unique content;

  • Posts on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat.

  • Social media advertising management that will bring you quality leads;

  • Monthly analysis and reports.

Within the limits of the package, we can also work with the client's website, provide SEO and Google Adwords campaigns, e-marketing. email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, social media influencers and much more.

All packages are tailored to the client's needs and goals.


Social media marketing statistics and benefits

Social media marketing is gaining popularity due to its accessibility and high exposure. According to a Hubspot report, 92% of marketers said that social media marketing has given them more exposure to their brand or business, and 80% of marketers cited a huge increase in traffic to their website through social media marketing. So what are the benefits of social media marketing for business?

  • 84% of people with internet access use social networks.

  • People spent about 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media every day: 6 minutes and 35 seconds on Instagram, 11 minutes and 26 seconds on Facebook, and 10 minutes and 22 seconds on Twitter.

  • 43% of internet users use social media to shop, and 52% of online brand discoveries happen on public social channels.

  • 27% of Internet users find new products through paid social ads (after word of mouth, TV ads and various search engines).

  • Weak social ads have been proven to create a negative emotional response in less than a second.

  • 92% of all Instagram users say they noticed a brand, clicked on their website, or made a purchase after seeing a product/service on Instagram.

  • 140 million businesses use Facebook and its related apps (Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram).

  • Twitter users spend 24% longer looking at ads than users on other platforms.

  • 62% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn generates leads.

  • Snapchat users are 60% more likely to make impulse purchases.

(Statistics taken from Hootsuite website)

The main goal of all these social media marketing channels is to connect with your audience to increase brand awareness, increase sales, build relationships and drive traffic to your website.

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